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Official theme song for Sue Ganz-Schmitt's children's allergy book, The Princess and the Peanut, recorded at Openbox Entertainment, Burbank, Ca. Jacky owns all rights to this song.
Jacky Henderson: Vocals and harmonies, Ken Belcher: Guitar, Teek Robinson: Percussion, Sound Engineer, Producer


If I could wish on a star
I would wish I could wake up somewhere far
Without a worry or care, let the sun shine through my hair

If I could dream of just one day
Where all my fears would be washed away
I would run in fields of tulips, and do somersaults and flips

If I could, then I would

‘Cause I’m extraordinary, not just ordinary
Watch out world cause here I come, there’s no stopping me
I’m extraordinary, not just ordinary
I’m gonna take the world by surprise, before they even realize
If I could, then I would, ‘cause I’m extraordinary

If I could find a Genie’s Lamp
I would take one wish to sit fireside at camp
Sing and laugh with all my friends,
we’d stay and play through the weekend

If I had two wishes left to make
I’d wish for an allergy-free cupcake
Sit right underneath the stars
And spend all night searchin’ for Mars


It’s those little things that just get in the way
Like the mosquito bites that won’t let you play
And the gluten in your sandwich makes a miserable day
Just make ‘em go away
It’s those little things that just get in the way
Like the hay in the field when you ride all day
And the pollen in the air makes the sniffles stay
Just make ‘em go away


Extraordinary by Singer/Songwriter Jacky Henderson © 2011