Jacky Henderson is a recording artist and songwriter. Her songs on iTunes are Pop and Children’s Music genre. Through her talented acoustic performances, self-accompanied by piano/guitar, she showcases a structured songwriting style, while possessing a tint of blues timbre in her voice. Her songwriting topics usually consist of the matter at hand, needed for the project she is focused on at the time. Small town bred, Jacky moved to the “big city” Los Angeles, Ca. in the 80’s with her family to pursue opportunity.         
        Jacky started performing solos at the age of 2 in church, and when her parents would recognize church songs she would play by ear on the piano at 4 ½yrs, they enrolled her into private piano lessons. In Los Angeles, she continued piano lessons and added voice and trumpet. During high school, her talents earned her 1st chair trumpet placement in the CSUN Honor Band, Los Angeles All-Star Marching Band, and World Cup Opening Ceremonies. She also participated in the All-Star Grammy Choir and the ’94 Super Bowl Half Time Show with Michael Jackson. Jacky graduated with honors from Canoga Park High School in ’95.
        With the aid of her many earned scholarships to UCLA, Jacky completed her BA in ’00 with a Double-Specialization in Music Performance/Education. While at UCLA, she traveled extensively with the UCLA Marching and Varsity Bands, as 1st Trumpet and Rank Leader. She also was a member of the UCLA Band Recruitment Team, and interviewed many celebrities for the recruitment videos. During her time at UCLA, Jacky was hired to play for Robin Williams’ Surprise Birthday, dance as an All Santa Marching Band cast member for the movie Jingle All the Way, and perform for Bill Clinton’s Democratic Convention at Universal. She also performed in the Jazz/Wind Ensembles, Brass Quintet, and UCLA Chorale while studying at UCLA.
        Jacky Henderson Music, DBA, was established in '03, and Jacky fulfills titles as Music Publisher, Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Music Consultant. Her catalogue is registered with ASCAP as Jacky Henderson Music (Publisher) and Jacky Henderson (artist). She writes her own songs and performs on the keys/guitar while singing. She writes on a daily basis with various songwriting partners including Bob Martinez, Gordon Pogoda, Shanna Gilfix, and Wil Deynes. Jacky has also recently worked with sound engineers Teek Robinson (at Openbox Studios), and Randy Emata. As Music Consultant, Jacky teaches students the instrument of their choice, focusing on a strong foundation of fundamentals and techniques, performance, and theory note reading/writing.
        Jacky just released her new Pop single Fallin’ on iTunes, a Valentine’s Day tribute love song anthem. She recently submitted a co-written song called Today We Save the World, to a contact with Lions Gate, suitable for films based on today’s fascination of dystopia. Extraordinary, a theme song written specifically for a children’s allergy book called The Princess and the Peanut, has been featured on many blogs, played on East Coast radio stations, and is appreciated by parents who have children with allergies because it gives their children a voice to express how they are “extraordinary, not just ordinary”. 
        Jacky’s immediate goals are to continue to write/record new song(s) each week, place her songs in TV/Film, and reach new fans through media.

Check out, Twitter, Facebook Band Page, YouTube channel, published writings, and Android app. Also original singles/ringtones released on iTunes for purchase and download.