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Jacky Henderson: lead vocal/piano, Shanna Gilfix: harmony vocals/Guitar/Shaker
Randy Emata: bongos/Engineer


Verse I
I’ve been ridin this dusty road
Took some time to breath on my own
Thinking bout how it’s gonna be
And now I’m out here counting days
Feel like I finally found my way
I check my heart, this is where I wanna be

And I wonder who you’re gonna be

Verse II
Butterflies are always all around
Just tryin to keep my feet on the ground
The thought of lovin you is simply sweet
I wonder if you’ll have your daddy’s eyes
I wonder if I’ll always be surprised
At how much I wanna eat you like a treat

And I wonder who you're gonna be

Verse III
Daddy’s makin chicken dinosaurs
We’ll eat em up and then we’ll make smores
Take it easy as the moon lights up the night
All the memories I can’t wait to make
You’ll fill my days with love and chocolate cake
Waitin for the next best day of my life

And I wonder who you're gonna be

written by Jacky Henderson and Shanna Gilfix © 2011