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Where were you yesterday when I felt like jumpin' the ship, when I couldn't even stand on my own two feet
I look everywhere, oh I look everywhere for someone but there was no one else around to take the heat but me
And I thought to myself, oh I thought long and hard to myself about all those days I were there for you
And I said to myself, oh I said it loud and clear to myself, oh Babe I think we are through, yeah

Oh my Babe, Please don't cry, no no no no no,
Please don't cry for me, yeah, no no no
I don't need, I said, I don't need no no
I don't need no sympathy, yeah

'Cause the clock's been tickin' and I've been missin' too much to late, its just never gonna change
So you are who you are, well that ain't gettin' you too far, now it looks as if it's my own life I gotta rearrange
So go about your way like you did, oh yesterday, and don't you bother me no more, no more, no more
I said take your sh#% and run, oh yeah it's all been fun, and on the way out don't let your a#% get hit by the door, WHOO


Now don't get me wrong, I can handle life on my own
But when I think I got you on my side, you know it sets the tone, yeah
When your shoulder's not there, when mine's been there for you
The scale seems crooked, maybe even broken through and through


Jacky Henderson © 2005